Microsoft Can Boost VoIP Technology

While the decision of Microsoft to buy Skype for between $5-8 billion this week is a direct challenge to rivals like Cisco and Google, the companies this move may affect the most are the telecomms providers.

Being able to make low cost internet calls has already had a huge affect on landline companies and the big US providers like Verizon and At&T have accordingly geared their offerings towards the mobile market.

An editorial piece by NASDAQ sets this out as a potential driving force behind an increased take up of VoIP and a decline in landline services.

Furthermore now that Microsoft owns Skype will it still let Windows 7 Phone rivals like the iPhone and the Google Android offer the Skype download free on their service?

And if we are encouraged to use Skype subscriptions as opposed to landline calling, is there a chance that Microsoft will start charging more for Skype use in order to recoup the huge sums that they already spent on acquiring Skype?

These questions and many more will be answered over the next couple of years during which we can certainly expect to see VOIP technology hit new heights.

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