BroadSoft Finalist in American Business Awards

BroadSoft, the multimedia software provider of unified commmunications and Voice over Internet Protocol technology, has been named a finalist for the Management Team of the Year in the 2011 American Business Awards.

The American Business Awards is a massive recognition ceremony held in New York City. They find nominees through recommendations from other private and public organizations and have received 2,800 nominations for the 9th annual ceremony. The award will be presented on June 20.

BroadSoft Inc, which produces real-time communications for cable, fixed-line and mobile IP networks, was recognized for "key business and financial accomplishments during 2010 that included an Initial Public Offering, a strategic acquisition and global expansion."

BroadSoft is a global provider of VoIP applications, and it has more than 450 customers in 65 countries. Their CEO Michael Tessler said that the company had done exceptionally well to not only survive the trying economic times but thrive. He thanked all of his staff and employees across 19 countries for their hard work.

A popular BroadSoft product is MobileMxD, an integrated suite of Consumer and UC services which is optimized for smartphones, tablet devices and 4G networks.

BroadSoft has also recently branched into cloud computing with BroadCloud® - a hosted infrastructure for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) unified communications.

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