Sippy Offers New VoIP Products

Sippy Software Incorporated has released a new bunch of offerings and Voice over Internet Protocol technology for cheap internet calling is at the forefront of them.

Since 2004 the company has aimed to offer secure, reliable and above all scalable VoIP solutions to VoIP providers right across the globe.

The company is constantly releasing new upgrades to its products and the latest is the Sippy SoftSwitch version 2.0 which was released in April, 2010.

This call control software package offers call routing to various sizes of enterprise and they get a scalable and secure service. It works via Session Initiation Protocol technology.

Sippy describes Softswitch as 'a complete carrier grade SIP Softswitch solution and customer management platform.'

It allows internet telephony business to be quickly launched and gives full switching capabilities. With a subscriber service callback and calling card features are offered.

'The hosted environment support has the look and feel of a standalone softswitch', the company added.

There are now 11 new features for customers to enjoy including local calling rates and the ability to generate PDF invoices. To avoid the hassle of running your own hardware there are also software as a service hosting plans.

Using high tech data storage the solution is ideal for many types of company including wholesale VoIP termination companies and hosted call shops.

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