3CX Partners Grandstream

3CX, the maker of a VoIP phone system which is Windows compatible, has just announced a strategic partnership with Grandstream.

Grandstream is described as 'a leading designer and manufacturer of next generation IP Voice and Video products for broadband networks.'

David Li, the Chief Executive Officer of Grandstream Networks, said: “We're pleased to partner with 3CX and promote their market-leading software-based 3CX Phone System with our award-winning Grandstream multimedia and IP phones.

He added: "This best-in-class product combination creates an innovative solution which is excellent value for the small and medium sized enterprise market."

The agreement now means that 3CX will become one of the preferred Grandstream PBX partners.

Therefore 3CX can fully certify and integrate Grandstream’s broad portfolio of gateways, IP phones and multimedia phones.

As well as offering end-to-end support to customers, 3CX and Grandstream will also commit to advanced feature development for comprehensive IP telephony solutions.

That will allow 3CX customers to easily provision and manage Grandstream phones from the 3CX Management console.

The integration aims to make the initial setup and configuration of the phone system much easier with less need to manage it on an ongoing basis.

Specifically 3CX has now shipped enhanced Grandstream phone support in the 3CX Phone System 9 Service Pack 4. Therefore it is now even possible to use the 3CX management console to upgrade firmware across the network.

The Chief Executive Officer of 3CX, Nick Galea, commented: "The combined 3CX and Grandstream solution is simple to install and manage for our customers, and is a great replacement for outdated proprietary phone systems.

"Because both products are standards-based, customers are not committed to one particular vendor and companies can buy the best of breed, with full confidence in a complete solution."

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