Special VoIP Trader Marketplace Created

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has developed a massive market which is constantly growing all the time.

With businesses of all sizes looking to take advantage of the chance to unify their communications efficiently and cost effectively, it is now estimated that the VoIP market in America alone is worth $3.8 billion.

Technology website TMC reported on the effect that this growth is having on the VoIP market with a number of new business opportunities.

The site quoted EMS Financial Services manager Christian Betke as saying: "All over the world new units and new routes are being plugged in. They are coming in at well below the normal market rate so this is all of a sudden creating a huge marketplace."

To cater to this market Betke along with others has created the EMS Traffic Board which acts as an online forum and message board for VoIP traders to meet and network, and it also allows them to make deals and transactions.

Betke explained the benefits of the EMS Traffic Board: "We work with tier four and five providers as well as some tier one providers."

"Bascially Two guys in VoIP trade can get together but without trust no one wants to prepay or offer credit. So both parties can come to me to manage the transaction as a neutral third party."

Have a look at the site and let us know whether it fulfills the need for a more open and competitive marketplace.

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