Skype goes over to the Dark Side

Being bought by Microsoft in a giant deal has not stopped Skype from suffering the same denial of service problems that it has had in the past. But it seems that this time Skype was able to resolve its issues much faster which is evidence of the greater backup that Microsoft has put at its disposal.

Following a global crash of Skype services on Friday, the company has however moved quickly to rectify the problem. While offering advice Skype worked on fixing the issue permanently.

It involved problems with calls made on Skype's Voice over Internet Protocol system and users of various different OS' all reported the same problem. These circulated around the Twittersphere before Skype released a software update. Unfortunately the update only made things worse with people totally unable to log into Skype.

Skype's advice to Linux, OS X and Windows users was to delete a file called shared.xml. But the massive traffic to its website as people looked for advice also made the Skype website crash.

After that the problem was resolved quickly with a software bug detected which had caused the servers to overload.

Could it be that Skype's new affiliation with Microsoft will attract unwanted attention from the dark side, i.e computer hackers who don't like the massive Microsoft monopoly?

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