Alcazar Networks Delivers Contact Center VoIP Solutions

A VoIP company has just offered to make dialler termination easier with good connectivity and high dialler check rates.

Alcazar networks is offering more than just wholesale termination becasue the call center market is so competitive.

John Chisca, the VP of Alcazar Networks, told TMCnet: "In wholesale VoIP termination services challenges such as call quality, rates and service availability issues are pushing call centers and service providers to the limit.

He believes that Alcazar Networks Inc. now offers a full VoIP solution with high call quality and a local support desk.

That meets the demands of contact and call centers which need upmost reliability without any flaws to deliver the level of service that customers require.

Alcazar is offering its current service due to high demand from call centers. That includes a toll free termination compensation of $48 for companies that terminate over 100,000 minutes per month.

Mr Chisca explained: “Very few companies offer compensation on the termination. If they do, they are looking for high volume termination from 500,000 to sometimes two million minutes a month minimum to give compensation."

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