VoIP App has Severe Bug

The Line 2 VoIP for the iPhone 4 and iPad has a serious bug which causes it to keep ringing even after the call has been answered.

That much has been confirmed by Toktumi when the firm sent a warning email to its customers. Toktumi, has made Apple engineers aware of the issue, which  they classify as severe as it affects all of their VoIP applications. They have apologized and vowed to fix the bug. One report from a beta tester has even said that the bug is now fixed.

On finding the bug Toktumi asked users not to upgrade to iOS version 4.2. This is because when Line2 is running in the background the continuous ring problem occurs. However if you do not use Line2 on any VoIP social calling apps the Toktumi service will not be affected.

Since the most recent iOS beta - GMSeed build - this issue was still not resolved, but the company has promised to email its customers with updates.

There have also been delays with the Apple golden master version of iOS 4.2. This is because Wi-Fi connectivity for the iPad is not what it should be.

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