More Men use VoIP Apps than Women

Men are more likely to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps than women, according to a new study by Harris Interactive.

While 30% of men said that they would use a VoIP app on a personal computer to make low-cost international calls, the corresponding figure for women was only 19%.

While 10% of men say that they use VoIP apps to make calls on a mobile device, the figure for women is very low at only 2%.

The figures between men (16%) and women (11%) for video calling are not so disparate. However 42% of men were here pay for video calling on services such as Skype, compared to only 24% of women.

Does the study actually have any practical use? Well it may confirm that men are still geekier and more comfortable with technology on the whole. If that was the case then companies would do well to try and target their VoIP apps and VoIP app marketing towards women.

However I am less inclined to read anything into it. That is probably because my girlfriend and my sister are both far better at getting to grips with new technology than I am. So the results of my own personal study are somewhat contradictory...

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