Justice Department on to VoIP Fraud

The United States Justice department is trying to stay one step ahead of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) fraud even though the constant development of new technology makes this almost impossible. 

Through the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the Justice department is formulating forensic tools to analyse VoIP,  mobile devices and the cloud computing system as a whole.
This is because the FBI details has recently reported a number of VoIP scams as criminals use the technology to remain untraceable.

Stephen Riley, a forensic examiner for the FBI Computer Amalysis Team said: "Forensic tools for cell phones are in their infancy. There are lots of different phones, carriers and cables so it is a nightmare trying to keep up."

Nowadays a frightening amount of information can be kept on smartphones in the form of emails, SMS and VoIP conversations. Although VoIP networks are secure if properly protected, this can be difficult for law enforcement officers who need to access that information, especially in the case of planned terrorism attacks. 
Therefore the NIJ is now looking for forensic tools for mobile cellular devices, VoIP communications and Vehicle Computer Systems as well as data forensics for the Cloud Computing Environment.

Their funding for this project is not likely to exceed half a million dollars, though in the case of long term projects one million dollars may be allocated to help fight against VoIP and mobile device crime.

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