3CX Releases VoIP Update

The Microsoft phone system for Windows 3CX has just released the service pack 4 for version 9 of their VoIP product.

Service Pack 4 will upgrade your 3CXPhone System V9 to build 14901. It can be downloaded in around 10 minutes from the 3CX Winforms Management console / Service pack updates, depending on the speed of your server.

The update allows consumers and enterprises to perform all IP phone management functions from within the 3CX Management Console.

Features include a new IP Phone Provisioning node with improved provisioning templates to provide better support for the IP Phone features.

Furthermore there is the ability to upload new firmware to IP Phones with service Pack 4. The idea is to save on administration time, especially if you using different phones in the network.

Just follow some simple instructions for the update -

1) Add the firmware you want to deploy in the IP Phone Provisioning > Firmware node.
2) Go to the Phones node to select the phones firmware upgrade.
3.Select ‘Upgrade Firmware’ and click OK to start the upgrade.
4.The firmware will be uploaded the phone will be rebooted after the upgrade.

For further information on the service pack 4 visit 3CX.

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