Skype VoIP App for iPhone

Skype has released a 3G Voice over Internet Protocol application for the iPhone which promises to offer high-quality but low-cost calling.

Customers around the world have enjoyed cheap calls on Skype and now they can make use of them on the iPhone as well. There are various calling plans to choose from depending on whether you are likely to use the apps for domestic or international calls.

Some of the most attractive aspects of Skype for iPhone are unified communications capabilities, virtual numbers, private faxes and the ability to connect with multiple locations.

Other benefits of the VoIP app will be unlimited extensions, caller ID, conferencing, customized audio menus and much more.

All you need to make use of the VoIP features is high-speed Internet in the form of Broadband.

The iPhone has Skype version 2.0 ,which is somewhat behind as Skype has just released 5.0.Yet it is a significant advance as previously Skype was only used on smartphones through Wi-Fi.

According to Techie Buzz: "People were wondering when they would see a 3G VoIP app from Skype. The wait is over, since Apple lifted restrictions on iPhone VoIP applications that run over a 3G network.
"The company delayed the launching of 3G VoIP applications in order to improve the quality of audio prior to releasing the new version. Developer agreements were amended by Apple to enable VoIP apps for the iPhone 3G in the Apps Store. "

Apple has worked hard to make the calling experience fast and reliable with good network coverage and a quick start-up time.

It remains to be seen at how Skype pricing will change over the coming years as the company looks to make more revenue. There are also VoIP 3G iPhone applications being offered by VoIP providers such as Fring.

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  1. VoIP service providers November 3, 2010 at 7:29 AM
    It should also go without saying, but the iPhone OS inability to run applications in the background means that Skype for iPhone is not much use once you switch to doing something else.