China VoIP Review

A new report on the VoIP market in China has just been released.

It gives an overview of supply and demand for Voice over internet Protocol technology in this huge Asian country.

The China Sourcing Report: VoIP Products 2010 shows that VOIP exports from China are increasing. This will be interesting news for CEOs in the industry, whether they are seeking to invest in these technologies or even if see them as competition to their own offerings.

China suppliers are taking advantage of the tough economic times in the West to present small and medium sized enterpises with cost saving alternatives to their current business models. More companies in Europe and America are similarly switching to cost saving VoIP channels to reduce their expenditures.

Mobile and wireless VoIP markets are particularly strong and 100% global growth of the industry is predicted each year leading up to 2014.

The report covers the key VoIP devices manufactured in China by the 15 main suppliers. That includes routers, IP phones, gateways and PBXs with both wired and wireless VoIP analysed. As well as in-depth profiles there are colour pictures of all the latest Chinese VoIP products available.

1 Response to "China VoIP Review"

  1. CarolClark November 10, 2010 at 12:25 AM
    We all know that VoIP Phone providers have not been able to introduce their service in china properly. Otherwise, it is without any doubt the largest market in the world. Only American companies will not be able to fulfill the requirements of this huge market.