VoIP Rackets Targeted in Nepal

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) fraud will be targeted by the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police.

Police in Kathmandu said that criminals are using the anonymity provided by VoIP to make money at the expense of the country. They have busted four such rackets in the last month.

Deputy Inspector General Bigyan Raj Sharma of the Nepali Police said: “Our investigations found that illegal VoIP rackets can result in criminal activities and revenue deficit.”
“We have decided that now is the time to crack down and bring the guilty to justice. As per the Telecommunications Act of 1997, we will take action against Internet Service Providers and all those operating, or helping to operate, VoIP for criminal usage.”

The hard-line taken by Nepali Police  means that even people who are providing a residence for criminal VoIP usage will be prosecuted. The Telecommunications Act states that a person intentionally causing adverse effect, damage or any other loss to the telecommunication structure will be fined an amount equal to the loss or damage, sentenced to five years imprisonment or both.

Anyone with information to give can contact the toll free number 141-516-1113.

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