Cheap VoIP Calls through Fring

Fring is fighting the market leader Skype and the new Google Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service by offering extremely cheap prices on worldwide calls.

The competition can only be good news in a market that is dominated by the few big players. Previously Skype has prevented Fring users from accessing its service.

The Fring service will be available on smart phones like the iPhone and the Android via the Nokia network and will mainly be used by individuals who want to make international calls.

Using Fring's mobile VoIP service users can make phone calls to land lines and mobile phones anywhere in the world with prices starting at just one cent per minute in the United States.

However if Fring customers want to call India it will cost them 1.1 cents per minute while calls to Canada start at 0.4 cents per minute.

If Fring userswant to connect with outside phone lines then they can make use of  the FringOut service which is similar to SkypeOut.

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