VoIP comes to College Campus

An American college has overhauled its traditional PBX to replace it with a new VoIP phone system.

The Western State College is based in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and their college administration team decided to embrace new technology in order to save costs.

Chad Robinson, the director of computer services for Western State College, told TMCnet: "We have put IP phones on the Phybridge UniPhyer network switch and it works fantastically well. Using this method of VoIP has allowed us to save money and improve inter-college communications. "

To do this they had IP telephony solutions installed throughout all offices and dormitories in what amounted to a total communications upgrade .
Although it would have cost them $20,000 to lay the necessary cabling and make the dormitories accessible to VoIP via cabling, they found another solution.

College officials made the decision to Install a Phybridge UniPhyer. This device boosted the signal of the voice and data network and allowed students in their dormitories to access the new communication system without the use of cumbersome cables.

Saving $20,000 meant that Western State College could put the money to better use and they bought new computers and printers as well as new VoIP phones.

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