First VoIP Hacker indicted in US

A Voice over Internet Protocol hacker has been imprisoned for reselling VoIP minutes. The 27 year old from Venezuela has been given 10 years jail time for a complex bootlegging operation. In doing so he became the first man to be indicted by American authorities for VoIP hacking.

Edwin Pena and his accomplices managed to force their way through several VoIP networks of telecoms and IP telephony communications companies. In total they stole more than $1.4 million of VoIP minutes.
Pena compromised networks and used them to reroute VoIP calls which he then sold to businesses at heavily discounted prices. The way in which he did this meant no-one suspected he was not just a legitimate business.

The case highlights the security issues that surround VoIP - for all of its cost savings benefits it can be open to abuse if the network is not secure. Over the last few years police across the world and the FBI have drawn attention to a number of VoIP scams.

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