Nurses will make VoIP calls

A new WiFi VoIP Phone will be used by nurses to give patients in hospitals better care. 
The phone has been produced by Polycom, a provider of Unified Communications. Their Polycom SpectraLink 8400 handset will enable users to make cheap calls but also have access to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Therefore this nifty piece of VoIP Hardware delivers just the sort of flexibility which is needed in the medical profession when the time is at a premium.Within seconds a nurse could get patient details from another nurse which could prove critical in keeping him or her alive.

Polycom used the example of nurses being able to keep in contact with their fellow staff in hospital to save lives, but the VoIP phone could be used by anyone in any industry.

Being able to access information quickly on a WiFi connection can save vital time, whether this is crucial for patient care or in concluding an important deal.
Jim Kruger, the Polycom VP of product marketing, said: "Having access to people and data when and where you need it is important for any business, whether they be large retail stores or manufacturing facilities. "However having access to this technology in hospitals could save lives and we are very proud to be able to help."

Polycom has also recently concluded a deal with Microsoft to provide unified communications to customers on interoperable systems, including the new Lync 2010 communications server product.

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