Pinger offers VoIP Calls

The free text messaging service offered by Pinger will now be supplemented with a soon-to-be-released VoIP calls app.

Customers will have access to a new app for the iPod Touch which will  give you a phone number for making 3G and WiFi network calls.

However the company has not said how many free minutes per month will be offered, only that a credit card can be used for top ups. There are also concerns that the call quality on 3G might not be as good as it could be.

Yet the app allows the iPod touch to become another VoIP calling outlet which is independent of mobile network providers.

It is thought that Pinger will offer low cost VoIP calling as another opportunity to boost its advertising space and revenue. Already 1.2 billion ads have been targeted on the 4 billion sent Pinger text messages.

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