VoIP phones developed for military use

When you're under enemy fire the last thing you need is your phone line going dead.

That's why the military is also using Voice over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP), so that they can have quick and reliable communication.

The telecommunications company Elektrobit has just designed the Field VoIP Phone and Desktop VoIP Phone for military use.

Smartplanet covered the military trade show in Paris where these phones were unveiled and was impressed with the technology. Not only are the VoIP phones capable of real-time updates and the streaming of maps and other data, but they have been built to withstand the rigours of military service. The Field Phone has Ethernet and SHDSL connectivity as well as an integrated speaker.

These VoIP phones operate independently or with Elektrobit hardware and can be integrated into an existing network.

With no sign of an end to the various wars being fought around the world it seems likely that VoIP will have a big part to play in the outcome.

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