VoIP app connecting the world for Android users

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app is allowing Android users to place free worldwide smartphone calls. The app was brought out by Rebtel, one of the world's largest mobile VoIP providers.
The Rebtel app will work with any phone line including landlines and cellphones. It allows huge cost savings by rerouting international calls onto a local VoIP network. While Android to Android calls are completely free you pay next to nothing to call other phones, whether local or long distance.

The CEO of Rebtel Andreas Bernström said: "Over the last 5 years we have brought the costs of international calls right down. The new Rebtel for Android app is part of our next phase of innovation and we have a keen interest in expanding in the United States and other markets around the world."

Mobile VoIP is a huge worldwide trend with the number of users set to rise to 100 million over the next two years. Although a 4G market is evolving, in the meantime the Rebtel app can be used for VoIP over the existing cellular network.

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