VoIP Phone Released by SIP experts Snom

Snom, which develops VoIP telephones based on the IETF open standard SIP, has just released a new handheld phone.

The m9 model promises crystal-clear voice capabilities over an internet connection and has a number of new features.

A Snom spokesperson said: "The Snom m9 is ideally suited for professional and private use. This is because it combines professional business communication functions with many intuitive features. As a result the design of our new phone is highly consumer friendly.”

They added: “The device is the world’s first to support the basic functions of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.”

Some of the Snom m9 features are a hands-free option and a calling line identification system which displays the number, name and even an image of the individual who is calling. There is also an illuminated keypad thin-film transistor colour display.

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