New 3CX Phone System Beta gives smooth call transition

The 3CX Phone System v9 has given the 3CX phone system for Windows an overhaul with improved call forwarding and configuration out of the office settings.
Version 9 of the 3CX Phone System also offers network-wide 3CXphone and 3CX Assistant, as well as video support on 3CXphone and SLA functionality. Furthermore 3CX Phone System customers can now monitor remote Phone Branch Exchanges (PBX) and transfer calls between them.

Some other great features are G722 codec compatibility, the ability to specify up to five music on hold files, and a system wide black list.

Meanwhile 3CX Phone System v9 video support uses the X-lite, 3CXphone and Yealink videophones.

There is even a new inbuilt high performance web server (Abyss) which can scale to any installation size although IIS can still be used if required.

The system is currently a beta and some problems are still being ironed out including incorrect dialogue information shown on phones in queue calls.

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