Skype VoIP competitor Vopium gets cash injection

A Danish Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology company called Vopium has just received sixteen and a half million dollars in an effort to grow and challenge Skype. The company makes apps which allow cheap VoIP calling.

The investor behind the cash injection, Raghuvinder Kataria, is also a powerful force in the telecommunication industry. Mr Kataria has previously invested in Bharti Airtel which is now one of the world’s biggest telecommunication providers.

Mr Kataria, who is now a major shareholder in Vopium, said: “Vopium has developed its own market. Over the next few years this new technology will reach millions of users all over the world. Because we expect to exceed 10 million Vopium users in a short space of time, we have invested a significant amount of money in the company.

“The fast market penetration of smartphones has opened up increasingly intelligent communication methods. In this expanding market there is a large demand for an alternative to Skype.

He added: “Vopium’s solution is unique because it offers optimum conversation quality with total ease of use.”

Mr Kataria will have his work cut out challenging Skype – not only is it dominant in the market but Skype is expanding into other mobile devices as well.

By contrast Vopium has only been going since 2006, when it was founded in Copenhagen for immigrants to get in contact with family members worldwide.

Vopium has now expanded its market, offering a cheap telephony solution to all kinds of users. It also gives instant messaging on smartphones such as the Blackberry, the Android and the Windows Mobile. Furthermore you canuse Vopium with services such as MSN and Google Talk, while being able to chat on Skype too. Vopium even has Twitter support.

The application is free to download and works with most handsets including HTC and Nokia devices. Vopium has a quarter of a million users worldwide.

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