Facebook VoIP is the Future

The social networking phenomenon Facebook is all about connecting people. Plans to add Voice over Internet Protocol communication to Facebook could be the chosen method of staying in touch for many in the future.

While Facebook has been adding various features including Facebook Places, one user by accident discovered a whole new level of connectivity.

Tipster Williams said: "I was just chatting on Facebook when suddenly an option appeared to 'call' my friend, before quickly disappearing again."

For a short amount of time an option was given to allow the user to place a VoIP call over Facebook, and this is more likely to be a sign of things to come than a glitch.

The idea is hardly revolutionary given Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's plans to add new layers to social networking.

While he denied that Facebook wanted to create a VoIP phone in the mould of Android, he said that the company planned to add a horizontal layer to make every app more social and integratable with Facebook.

While Facebook VoIP apps already exist this would be the first time that the platform itself is VoIP enabled.

Yet there are rumours that Facebook and HTC have teamed up and will release a new smarthone product at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. That could push Facebook into direct competition with Google and their call phones service.

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