3CX Offers Free Mobile VoIP on iPhone

3CX Phone System developers have now released a Windows-based softphone which is compatible with the iPhone.

Users who enjoy the 3CX IP PBX experience can now make free VoIP calls via 3G or wi-fi on their iPhone.

The 3CXPhone for iPhone app is sure to be popular because it is not locked into any one PBX or provider, which sets it apart from other free SIP phones. That gives customers the freedom to choose various VoIP providers and VoIP PBXs.

Nick Galea, the 3CX CEO, said: “3CX turns the iPhone into a perfect endpoint for a VoIP PBX. Therefore when you are out of the office, 3CXPhone for iPhone can allow you to receive calls to an extension via 3G or Wifi. And when you are in the office, 3CXPhone coverts the iPhone into a convenient and user-friendly wireless desk phone.”

The free app has many benefits including allowing multiple profiles and access to your existing iPhone contact list.

Meanwhile the 3CX iPhone app is the only free VoIP client that can perform unattended transfers and also has a toggle which allows you to switch between an external and an internal PBX server.

Claire Hodgson, the Managing Director of Franklin West New York, said: “Since downloading 3CXPhone for iPhone life has become more efficient, both in the office and on the go. This app is great because it's free and it allows me to take my desk phone with me."

3CXPhone for iPhone features include:

• Fully supports the industry leading SIP standard
• G711 and GSM codec support
• Ability to transfer (blind transfer) and place calls on hold
• Internal and external server configuration in one profile
• Record and playback phone calls
• Profile Names, Caller ID, Proxy Server, STUN and NAT support
• Auto provisioning – SIP PBX’s or VoIP providers can automatically provision the 3CXPhone for iPhone app via multicast

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