Cheaper Broadband Enables Rural VoIP Solutions

Ofcom may be making Voice over Internet Protocol more easily available thanks to a new pricing scheme.

The idea is to help countryside businesses in the UK which struggle to keep up with their city competitors due to slow internet access.

To make cheap VoIP calls (or even free calls in the case of Skype and other providers), fast internet access is a must, at least if you want a half-way decent call quality.

In this way broadband and VoIP solutions can save businesses large amounts of money while also allowing easy communication which in turn facilitates increased productivity.

Which is why that fact that Ofcom is asking BT Wholesale to change its pricing scheme is good news. The regulatory body wants to make sure the market is fair for consumers who don't have a lot of choice in areas where BT Wholesale is the only UK VoIP provider.

That could affect three millions business and homes, especially in the counties of Northumberland, Norfolk, Cumbria and other largely rural areas.

An Ofcom statement read: "The charge controls which Ofcom is proposing could even up the broadband prices paid by consumers in urban and rural areas."

Not only could this make cheap internet more widely accessible, but it is hoped to make BT's internet services across the UK more efficient.

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