China VoIP Ban Not in Effect

The media has been awash with reports of a VoIP ban in China but so far it has not taken effect.

While newspapers and websites have singled out Skype for special treatment this is not in fact the case and the government ban will extend to all illegal voice over Internet protocol telephone services.

The China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) stated on its website. “Currently our ministry is working with relevant departments on striking against illegal Voice over Internet Protocol services, and we are collecting clues from the public.”

The website listed a phone number that locals could call to report illegal VoIP, which is seen as a threat to the state telecoms companies.

Skype operates openly in China through TOM-Skype and a venture known as Tel-Online Ltd, which is 51% owned by TOM Online and 49% owned by Skype.

Despite there being an estimated 88 million Skype users in China, only two million of them are connecting to Skype on a monthly basis

Skype stated. “Users in China can access Skype via TOM Online. All operations and access are normal, and operations in China conform with national regulations. Nothing has changed.”

China VoIP has become a booming industry recently, one which the government is watching closely.

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