VoIP helps Pakistan Flood Victims

A VoIP calling company has promised to dedicate half of its earnings during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to Pakistan flood victims.

Tpad is making the generous contribution and it includes all VoIP credit purchases which are made from the Middle East.

Dr. Tariq, Head of Group Marketing at TPad, said: "Tpad calling rates are already among the lowest in the world and we felt it would be appropriate to help the disaster victims.
"The 50% contribution is unprecedented and higher than any comparable donations. We hope customers will get behind this offer to make cheap calls while also aiding others in the process."

Many Tpad customers are from Pakistan and this will allow them to support their compatriots as well as benefit from Tpad’s lowest ever calling rates of just three cents per minute.

Users do not need a PC to use Tpad. The service can also be set up with the popular Nokia mobile phones such as the Nokia E61 and N95 phones which can be easily configured to use the Tpad VoIP or SIP settings.

The donation pledge is valid from August 18 - September 12, 2010, from all Middle Eastern countries. All money goes directly to the Pakistan Floods Appeal UK Charity GT Foundation, Charity Registration Number 1063741.
Tpad also has VoIP videos which make the process of  purchasing of Tpad call credit easier for new users.

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