Gmail to get Google Voice VoIP app?

Google likes to keep its cards close to its chest but rumours suggest that the search engine giant is playing around with the idea of integrating the Google Voice VoIP app onto Gmail.

It would mean that VoIP would become part of the Google Chat IM service on the browser so that ingoing and outgoing calls could be made without running any local software.

In July word was doing the rounds that a standalone desktop Google Voice softphone had been produced, only to be stopped at the developmental stage.

It is thought that head honchos at Google did not like the idea of software running outside of the browser as that would contravene their ethos.

If those rumours were true then they would fit in with plans for Gmail to get the Google Voice VoIP app.

Although the app would allow customers to make low cost VoIP calls with the Google Voice service, users would not be not required to have an existing account with the service. As per usual Google has no comment to make.

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