3G makes long distance VoIP calls cheap and easy

Now that an increasing number of consumers are getting 3G subscriptions which allow cheap VoIP calling the price of International Long Distance calls (ILD) will fall.  

At least this is what Sanjit Chatterjee, the Director Global of Marketing and Strategy for Reve Systems of Singapore, believes.

He said: "Cellular customers with 3G subscriptions will be able to make VoIP calls for one-tenth of the cost of ILD calls. This is because of the introduction of mobile VoIP applications by Internet Telephony Service Providers."

Reve Systems produces a 100kb application -  iTel mobile dialer - which allows customers to use mobile VoIP to make cheap ILD calls. It can use a mobile line or a fixed line. The call travels over Wi-Fi or a data line. It then terminates at its destination using the last mile connectivity of the service provider of that phone.

Mr Chatterjee added: "Using our new product calls from India to America which used to cost 10 Rupees per minute will now only cost 1 Rupee per minute. "
The company is expanding worldwide and has partnerships with Blackberry and iPhone among others.

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