20,000 Lines Shows Success of VoIP

There could be no surer sign of the health of the Voice over Internet Protocol market than the news this week that Vox Communications has installed 20,000 VoIP lines.

The American company, based in Florida, was keen to get news out once it had reached this milestone of internet Linux-based server clusters. It only served to highlight the rapid growth which it has been so proud of, and aims to continue in the future.

Chief information officer, Mark Richards, said: "We feel that our technology has evolved to the point where large scale customer acquisition can be handled by our highly automated systems. We are beginning to find distribution channels that are moving to an internet-based marketing strategy."
He added "Vox Communications is expecting further growth due to the mobile VoIP offering Fring which allows users to make cheap Wi-Fi and 3G calls."

Another strong VoIP performer is communications firm Comcast which added 230,000 VoIP users during the last three months.

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