Skype entry of Stock Market is good for VoIP

Skype, the market leader for worldwide VoIP services will float $100 million on the Stock Market.
IT Business Edge reported that this was big news for Skype and the VoIP market in general.

In an interview, VoIP blogger Andy Abramson said that while the figure was not a huge investment in financial terms it would allow Skype to do the necessary marketing to turn free service customers into paid customers. While half a billion people use Skype around the world it is thought that only around nine million of these are actually paying for the service.

The IPO, as stock market entry is also known, would also help to tackle one of Skype's main bugbears - regulatory compliance and issues such as E911.
Mr Abramson added that Skype SIP technology would be a big step forward in helping Skype to present enterprise voice while they could "build a massive scalable solution for video conferencing."
Although telecoms companies are not making use of IP telephony, cable companies are and companies such as Truphone and Google Voice are also following Skype into the cloud.

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