Skype VoIP Service Goes Down Again

VoIP service Skype is once again experiencing problems after users saw the software crash on their computers on Tuesday, June 7.

Skype, which is now owned by technology giant Microsoft, was quick to downplay the problem, saying that it was a configuration issue. They have now released an automatic update to fix the glitch.

It is only ten days since Skype last went down. That time the VoIP service issued advice on how to fix the problem by deleting a "shared.xml" file which had been corrupted. Automated Mac and Windows updates soon followed.

However quick the problems are getting fixed this will hardly inspire confidence in Skype. While problems in a free VoIP service may be tolerated, Skype clearly has some way to go before offering the reliability required by enterprise VoIP.

Furthermore Skype has just been threatened by a Russian computer programmer who unravelled its coding secrets to create an open source version of Skype which he is offering for free.

Right now Microsoft must be wondering where it will be getting Return On Investment from.

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