iCloud Communications Sues Apple

The VoIP provider iCloud Communications is suing the technology giant Apple for trademark infringement.

iCloud Communications claims that Apple is taking its name for its cloud computing service that allows you to store your content online and then wirelessly transmit it to devices.

iCloud Communications is also contending that there is a broader theft of intellectual property as iCloud Communications streams content through the internet to allow Voice over Internet Protocol. Apple iCloud also works by streaming internet data through cloud computing.

At least in respect of the first claim it seems that iCloud Communications has a claim. Their VoIP Solution existed long before the Apple product (which was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference) and iCloud Communications has said that the release of Apple iCloud has affected their business negatively.

The second claim will be a difficult one to prove in court. Essentially they are very different products with one being used to stream and store music and the other used to make low cost Voice over Internet Phone calls.

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