Knowing your VoIP Solutions

It is often taken for granted that installing VoIP solutions will save customers time and money, but in actual fact getting Return on Investment depends on a number of factors.

Firstly if you are planning to install a business VoIP phone, think about how it will integrate into your existing Public Switched Telephone Network.

Sure using VoIP to VoIP calling is a low cost option but in cases where you may have to call a regular landline it might not work out cheaper. Therefore you should work out what you want your Phone Branch Exchange to do before ripping out all the existing cabling.

However daunting the installation and management of your phone system can seem it is actually possible to use bundled VoIP to customise your experience. Many VoIP companies offer 24 hour support and there is no need to waste hours on training for what is an easy to use interface.

The real key with VoIP is having a fast and reliable internet connection. With really fast broadband VoIP can actually deliver BETTER call quality than traditional analogue phones, but conversely a poor connection can create all sorts of problems.

Importantly whether you actually save money on VoIP depends on how expensive your broadband is. Normally it should save you money because you are getting two services (calling and surfing) for the price of one but it all depends on the package so shop around.

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