Pervasip VoIP Solutions Receive Boost

Pervasip, a provider of flexible back-office capabilities, high quality VoIP services and automated provisioning systems, has arranged a deal to clear its debt.

Despite having an estimated 300 million mobile VoIP users over the next three years, Pervasip needs help to foreclose on its assets.

The Pervasip CEO Paul Riss said: “We are pleased to have a friendly investor who wants to work with us to build value for our shareholders.”

The wholesale VoIP provider for SMBs is working with strategic investor which has agreed to purchase all outstanding debt.

NetCapital said in a statement that it had been following Pervasip for years and waiting for the right time to invest.

Chairman John Fanning said: “Pervasip technology is a true example of how game-changing vision can be forged into a paradigm-breaking commercial product.”

Netcapital aims to help Pervasip grow through the introduction of additional technologies. These include wireless networks to fully take advantage of the boom in mobile VoIP.

Pervasip has also experienced high demand for video VoIP lines and offers Lomb and Bausch video phones.

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