Universal broadband speed would improve VoIP in Britain

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Great Britain wants the government to back minimum broadband download speeds.

This is to prevent small businesses in out-of-the-way areas from being adversely affected by slow internet.

A huge number of small businesses, 94%, claim that they are not getting the advertised internet speeds from their providers. This has decreased their productivity and hampered efficiency.

National chairman of the FSB, John Walker, said: “This lack of widely available broadband in Britain is unacceptable.

“The United Kingdom is truly lagging behind in terms of the technology available and as a result small businesses in rural areas cannot develop their companies online. This really stunts their growth."

If the government does push through such measures it will be a boon for VoIP solutions as those businesses will be able to save further by routing their telephone calls over IP telephony. It could also create some 60,000 jobs in the VoIP market, helping to ease the effects of the recession.

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