Improved VoIP security on the Verizon

Verizon Global Wholesale is increasing the security of VoIP services by offering three secure product platforms. They will prevent unauthorized access to computers via VoIP and nullify the danger of data copying.

The Advanced Toll Free IP Termination, SIP Gateway Service and Carrier IP Termination Transport all create a secure connection for transmitting information over internet and public networks.

They do so by sharing IP Security with one secure virtual private network connection in which all data is encrypted prior to transmission. This is known as an IPSec tunnel.

On receipt the data is then verified to make sure it is unaltered. The secure tunnel means it is impossible for rogue agents to spoof an IP address to gain network access.

Companies using the Verizon platforms should now have more peace of mind about information transfer between employees who are mobile or working from home and the office.

The director of wholesale voice services for Verizon Business, Mike Yancey, said: “The IPSec tunnel offers high levels of security and flexibility to meet our customers' needs for VoIP traffic.
“They can be assured that we go the extra mile to protect their business traffic on our world-class worldwide network.”

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