British Telecom provides worldwide VoIP solution

BT has launched its first IP Exchange hardware platform which will be available worldwide.
This could significantly improve Voice over Internet Protocol for both consumers and providers as it allows VoIP calls to be connected with standard network calls. A MPLS (multi protocol label switching) network is one of the methods used to make the connections.

The managing director for BT Wholesale, Cameron Rejali said: “This is one of the first wholesale systems to aim at the global marketplace.

“The new platform will allow providers to introduce IP telephony solutions quickly and easily.

"This enables our customers to implement end-to-end IP interconnectivity in no time at all and with the absolute minimum of upfront investment."

BT has given a helping hand to small businesses as there will be no deposits necessary to make use of their IP Exchange platform. Instead they have put a pre-pay facility in place.

Already the IP Exchange platform is being used by over 100 mobile and fixed line UK operators.

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