Google smartphone sales fail

Search engine giant Google may have monopolized the internet with an array of different products but it has not had the same success in the smartphone retail business.
The flagship store used to sell the Nexus One smartphone for the Android operating system is to be shut down.

Google vice-president of engineering Andy Rubin stated: “Unlike the demand for the Android platform, the web store has not lived up to our expectations.

“Instead the web store has remained a niche outlet for early adopters. It is now clear that many of our customers like a hands-on experience before buying a smartphone, and they also want to choose from a wide range of service plans.”

To the surprise of some of its competitors, Google partnered with handset manufacturer HTC to make the Android so that it could compete in the smartphone industry.

These competitors may have become annoyed at Google’s attempts to cut out the major carriers and sell the Nexus One directly through its web store. Among them last month Verizon announced that they would no longer carry the Android smartphone.

A Google statement said that the company would use the Nexus One web store to market the variety of Android phones available globally, while showcasing its smartphone through existing retail channels.

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