VoIP Driven by MSBGs

The sales of Multi-service Business Gateways (MSBGs) are taking off in conjunction with the massive popularity of VoIP business phone systems and other unified communications products.

In fact research firm In-Stat predicts that 1.8 million MSBGs will be sold by the year 2015 alone. That is because of the popularity of hosted software solutions and the need to centralise data.

They have become essential to SMBs which want to have a secure analogue voice interface which allows data routing, and which can be used together with VoIP hardware.

Because of that there is a need for MSBGs to offer unified communications. In Stat calculates that that applies to 27% of competitive opportunities.

Norm Bogen, the vp of research at In-Stat, said; "The trend for MSBGs is driven by cost savings. Branch offices and SMBs are able to consolidate multiple services into an MSBG. Companies can use them to cut costs by needing less infrastructure on site."

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