Alcatel-Lucent Equips UWE with VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is the ideal way for an educational institution to lower costs with cheap internet calling and also organise all their communications.

That is why The University of West England (UWE) has turned to Alcatel-Lucent for an IP telephony solution.

The proposed dual IP/TDM environment will allow UWE to connect their seven campuses with easy to manage contact centres that encompass communications for 4,000 users.

Among them the Bristol based campus of UWE will deploy the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise IP-PBX phone system VoIP solution which is supported by the Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista network management platform. Touch handsets with IP call features will be used for cheap and efficient communications.

The overall project is carried out by the Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner South West Communications Group to deliver IP-based voice and collaboration. When it is completed there can be multiple DECT handset users on a single site.

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