3CX and Beronet announce strategic partnership to provide complete IP PBX solution

3CX – developer of the popular software PBX for Windows - 3CX Phone System, and Beronet – an industry leader in VoIP gateway equipment – announced today a strategic technology partnership that pairs 3CX’s software-based IP-PBX with Berofix VoIP gateways.

The partnership ensures that both companies will commit to do ongoing interoperability testing, ensuring that customers can buy best of breed VoIP software and hardware, yet still be assured of an end to end solution supported by both vendors.

The IP PBX and VOIP Gateway certified interoperability allows companies to immediately realize the cost-saving benefits of VoIP, whilst utilizing existing ISDN lines and thus enabling a gradual transition to VoIP. The Berofix VoIP Gateways are available as add in cards or as separate stand alone units. In both cases they fully support virtualized environments and do not require operating system drivers. The range starts with 4S0 (4BRI) and goes up to 4E1 connections. The cards can be upgraded allowing the customer full flexibility. A GSM and Analog interface module is in development. Selected 3CX and Beronet distributors will be offering special bundle pricing.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Beronet,” said Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX. “Berofix VOIP Gateways are well-designed, competitively priced and highly scale able. They work perfectly with 3CX and thus resellers can deploy the solution with confidence, knowing they will be fully supported by both Beronet and 3CX.”

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